Geodata-Harvester Workshops

Presented by Sydney Informatics Hub and the Agricultural Research Federation

Welcome to the AgReFed Geodata-Harvester Workshop pages.

Use the AgReFed Geodata-Harvester to access, process and download national (Australian) and global space/time data aimed at agricultural scientists, environmental scientists, ecologists and other researchers.

Learn more about the project at the Geodata-Harvester Homepage and contribute to the source code at our Code Repository.

In the workshops, you can learn how to download and summarise geospatial data from a range of sources including:

In addition, learn the simple spatial and temporal aggregation, visualisation, and summary techniques availble with the Geodata-Harvester.

For more information about the workshops, including who these workshops are made for, check the FAQ.


  • Januar Harianto (R Workshop Trainer)
  • Nathaniel Butterworth (Python Workshop Trainer)
  • Sebastian Haan (support)
  • Henry Lydecker (support)
  • Eden Zhang (support)
  • Darya Vanichkina (support)
  • Thomas Bishop (support)