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About Us

The Statistical Consulting Unit is part of the Sydney Informatics Hub, a Core Research Facility at the University of Sydney. We are a group of experienced statisticians who give practical advice on experimental design, analysis and interpreting statistical/quantitative results in one-on-one consultations and workshops. We also help you resolve reviewer’s comments to get your papers published or projects greenlit, boost grant success by submission of an optimal experimental/analytical design up-front and find more interesting/useful patterns in your data, quicker and with less pain. We encourage use of the free R statistical programming language, aiding you to build up your analytical coding skills, which you can use anywhere your career takes you. We also assist with SPSS and other statistical software packages. Rather than just ‘do your statistics’, we advance your statistical skills to improve your research practice leading to higher quality research outputs and publications in higher impact journals.

Some examples of the help we provide include:

  • Advice on experimental design
  • Support with data analysis and interpretation
  • Support with reviewing statistics in your project or grant application
  • Support with calculation of sample size and experimental power that will be needed in your grant application
  • Paid projects where we do the analysis for you