Introduction to Artemis HPC

Synopsis: Introduces USyd’s High Performance Computer (HPC), ‘Artemis’. We cover connecting and navigating Artemis, available software, and how to submit and monitor jobs using the PBS Pro scheduler..

Target audience: Students and staff who would like to learn how to run compute jobs on Artemis HPC. Participants must have a valid USyd unikey.

Follow-on courses: This course is part one of the Artemis HPC Training Series.

This first lesson is intended as part one of a pair, with ‘Introduction to the Artemis HPC’ in the morning and Data transfer and RDS for HPC in the afternoon. It is recommended to register for both, however you may choose to take these courses on separate days as suits your needs.

The third course in the series, Intermediate Artemis HPC, extends users’ knowledge of the PBS Pro scheduling system, and builds scripting skills for automating large workflows on HPC.

The final lesson, Matlab on Artemis: The MDCS, is an optional course for users of MATLAB who would like to submit jobs directly to the cluster from their local computers.

Recorded Lesson: You can watch the recorded lesson from April 24, 2020, here:


Competency on the Unix/Linux command line:

  • If you are interested in learning HPC but have no Unix/Linux command-line skills, you MUST first take an Introduction to Unix/Linux course.


Course survey!

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Setup Install software and data needed to begin the lesson
00:00 1. Welcome to Artemis HPC Who are the Sydney Informatics Hub?
What is an ‘Artemis’..?
00:20 2. Navigating Artemis How is Artemis HPC organised?
00:40 3. Writing PBS submission scripts How do we communicate with the HPC scheduler?
01:20 4. Submitting and monitoring Artemis Jobs What submission options are available?
How do I monitor the status of a job?
02:10 5. Example Job Submission How do I run a Python script?
How do I run a Matlab program?
How do I run an R script?
03:00 6. Quiz! and Case Study Let’s see how much we’ve learned!
03:20 7. Bonus: Bioinformatics Case Study What other use cases are ther for HPC?
Can you run any software?
03:20 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.