Introduction to High Performance Computing

Introduces Sydney’s High Performance Computer (HPC), ‘Artemis’. We cover connecting and navigating Artemis, available software, and how to submit and monitor computational jobs using the PBS Pro scheduler.

Target audience: Students and staff who would like to learn strategies for accelerating workloads that can be applied to common tools like matlab, python, R and more! Participants must have a valid Sydney University Unikey.

All data used in the course can be found here. “Download ZIP” under the green code button can be used to download it if you are unfamiliar with git.

Course pre-requisites and setup requirements

No previous programming experience is required, this training course will introduce you to fundamentals of the various tools (unix/linux, HPC) as required. Training will be delivered online, so you will need access to a modern computer with a stable internet connection. Participants must have a valid Sydney University Unikey and will require the Sydney VPN and a terminal client (as per the Setup Instructions provided).

The Sydney Informatics hub

This course is brought to you by Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH) is a Core Research Facility of the University of Sydney. Core Research Facilities centralise essential research equipment and services that would otherwise be too expensive or impractical for individual Faculties to purchase and maintain


If you do use Artemis for your research, please acknowledge us! This ensures that we continue to get the funding we need to provide you with a first-grade computing resource. A suggested acknowledgment might say:

The authors acknowledge the Sydney Informatics Hub and the University of Sydney’s high performance computing cluster, Artemis, for providing the computing resources that have contributed to the results reported herein.

Before Training (10 mins)

To hit the ground running during the training please:

  1. Read and install the neccessary apps in the Setup Instructions.

  2. Read the general HPC content under Concepts.